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BSC#9- The Ghost at Dawn's House

BSC#9- The Ghost at Dawn’s House.


Dawn keeps hearing weird noises at her house and then finds a secret passage between her room and the barn. She becomes convinced that there’s a ghost. Subplot involves the Pike family, and the way the triplets don’t play nice with Nicky.


Ok, WHERE is Dawn’s looooong hair? Why do none of the Dawn covers have hair any longer than her bra strap? Although apart from that this is a pretty good cover- Dawn and Jeff actually look the ages they’re meant to be and it pictures something that does in fact occur in the book. But I do laugh at Dawn’s jeans that show off her ankles.


-This book introduced Claudia’s hollow book as a place to hide her junk food. I always wanted one myself, but I think with all the book geeks in the Kishi household it’s probably the one item in Claudia’s room that someone might want to borrow.

-At least in this book it’s the summer, and mercifully Dawn is not whining about the cold Connecticut weather.

-For someone who apparently ‘loves’ ghost stories, Dawn is pretty easily scared- even I didn’t have to sleep with the light on if there happened to be a thunderstorm.

- Actually, all the babysitters are pretty easy to scare. They come over to Dawn’s house to look for a secret passage, and manage to terrify each other by moaning into heating vents. It’s not exactly Exorcist level frightening, it’s more like the kind of prank you’d get on Candid Camera.

-Dawn discovers the barn entrance to the secret passage because she sits on the trapdoor and falls through it.

-She finds a button, a buckle and a key that look old, so she decided that they’re all that’s left of a person who was kept prisoner in the secret passage and died trying to escape with the key. Because that’s the most logical explanation…

-Once again, Kristy is scared by her six year old stepsister Karen’s stories. How does allowing this to happen repeatedly give her parents confidence in her ability to babysit?

-Dawn shows Jeff the secret passage. They find more objects and Dawn expounds her haunted passage theory. Jeff doesn’t believe her, so she convinces him. A thirteen year old terrorising a nine year old really is fabulous babysitting.

-Conveniently Dawn finds a history book of Stoneybrook that has an old legend in it about a man called Jared Mullray, who Dawn now believes is the ghost in her passage.

- Dawn babysits for the Pikes and chases after Nicky when he runs off on his own. She finds him in the passage- turns out much of the ghost evidence can be attributed to Nicky who was using the passage for his ‘hideout’.

-Book ends ambiguously…is there a ghost or not? If there is, what does Jared Mullray want? Will the Pike triplets ever let Nicky play with them? Will Dawn manage to control her imagination in future? Will anyone be able to control Karen Brewer’s imagination? And most importantly…WHY ARE THERE NO OUTFITS DESCRIBED IN THIS BOOK???


I remember enjoying this book a lot when I first read it back in primary school, but it hasn’t exactly stood the test of time. Dawn is a bit too inconsistent and hysterical, but at least she’s not the environmental bore she becomes later on. That Dawn would have just lectured Nicky (and the ghost, come to think of it) about littering in the passage way. Definitely not on the favourites list, but coming up is #10 Logan Likes MaryAnne! (yes, exclamation mark included in the title!) and that is pure babysitters awesomeness, so hang in there.



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