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BSC#4- Mary Anne Saves the Day.

BSC#4- MaryAnne Saves the Day.


The baby sitters club have a huge fight, and spend the next month either not speaking to or being mean to each other. Mary Anne has trouble with her father treating her like a baby and tries to convince him that she’s responsible enough to stay out late (only to babysit, not party!) and wear her hair in a style other than braids. She also meets Dawn, who becomes the fifth member of the club.



This cover is kind of strange- I think the artwork is different to that on every single other cover. I remember I used to like it though, because Mary Anne has the same kind of fringe that I had at the time- parted at the side, hanging over one eye, and twanging out at the side of her head! Her outfit is just kind of unexciting, and I don’t know what Jenny Prezzioso is supposed to be wearing. One can only assume it’s meant to be lacy. And a blue and purple striped couch…really?


-Stacey’s style…”she has this fabulous-looking shaggy blonde mane, and she wears the neatest clothes- big, baggy shirts and tightfiting pants- and amazing jewelry, like parrots and palm trees. She even has a pair of earrings that consist of a dog for one ear and a bone for the other.” Damn, I love the theme earrings. My most prized pair of earrings back in the day was a pair of skull and crossbones- how Claudia of me! I also have to say that although I can see Mary Anne’s dad objecting to the tight pants, what’s in a big, baggy shirt for him to be offended by? And Stacey wears parrots? What, on her shoulder?

- “Just once, I’d like to go to school wearing skintight turquoise pants, Stacey’s ‘island’ shirt with the flamingos and toucans all over it, and maybe bright red, high top sneakers. I’d like to create a sensation.” Oh, you’d create a sensation alright Mary Anne. Just perhaps not a good one- I don’t think skintight turquoise pants really work on anyone.

- Why does Watson Brewer always hire babysitters? He only has his kids every other weekend, which is approximately four days a month. What, he can’t spend that much time with his only kids? Then again, it IS Karen Brewer we’re talking about. I’d probably hire sitters too.

- The big fight starts because Kristy took a job looking after baby Lucy Newton without offering it around. See, this is why we can’t have nice things!

-It culminates in Mary Anne calling Stacey a “conceited snob”, Claudia a “stuck-up job-hog” and  “you, Kristin Amanda Thomas, are the biggest bossiest know-it-all in the world, and I don’t care if I never see you  again!” Whooo, sing it sister!

- Mary Anne starts dinner for her father and herself nearly every night. She’s twelve for god’s sake- that seems kind of harsh. Richard Spier might not think she’s responsible enough to use the telephone, but hot appliances and sharp knives? Go right ahead!

- MaryAnne writes an ‘apology’ note to Kristy. Dear Kristy, I’m sorry you’re the biggest, bossiest know-it-all in the world, but what can I do about it? Have you considered seeking professional help? Ha ha…so, you still mad then? Mary Anne might be the most ‘sensitive’ of the babysitters, but she’s still a snarky bitch too!

- Kristy gets David Michael to slam the door in Mary Anne’s face. Burned!

- Because of their fight, they change the entire way the club runs with meetings and all. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to make up? Way to hold grudges girls.

- Mary Anne tries to convince her dad to let her stay out late, and wear make up and non braided hair. She winds up chucking a bit of a tanty and telling him he’s more like her jailer than her father. I guess she’s been reading up on how to win friends and influence people…

- Dawn and Mary Anne discover their parents used to date in high school, and manage to get them together again. There is something about the idea of a twelve year old setting up dates for her father that’s kind of disturbing.

- Mary Anne babysits for Jenny Prezzioso and takes her to hospital in an ambulance because she has a fever. Her dad is so impressed that he extends her curfew, and then there is a dramatic transformation scene where Mary Anne morphs into a princess-like figure with…oh. No. She takes the braids out of her hair. Hooray.

- The babysitters show their maturity by fighting at a four year old’s birthday party (it’s a bad sign when your sitters are more badly behaved than the preschool guest set), and then Mary Anne basically orders them to make up. Because wearing her hair down has given her new powers of bossiness and aggression.

- They invite Dawn to join the club by having a ‘pizza toast’ and holding food in the air. Um, okay. You couldn’t have just clinked glasses?


I have to say, I love Mary Anne in this book. She hardly cries, she throws the biggest insults at the other girls (and her dad) when they’re fighting, and she takes charge and bosses all the other babysitters into making up. She also masterminds Dawn’s inclusion in the club. Really, if she’d kept it up she could have instigated a coup, taken Kristy down, and ended up ruling the world.




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