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BSC#6- Kristy's Big Day.

BSC#6- Kristy’s Big Day.


Kristy’s mum is getting married! However the wedding is a rush job, there are loads of children in the way…it’s the Babysitters Club to the rescue as they take on looking after fourteen kids for a week.


Oh, it’s Karen…obviously before she got the pink and blue glasses. I guess her dress is pretty cute for a little flower girl, and I do love her lacy socks and double strap Mary Jane shoes. Kristy’s bridesmaids dress is not too bad, but I always wished her hair was better. Andrew looks like he wants to garrotte them with his tie, but he is wearing yellow trousers to match the girls’ dresses, so who can blame him?


-I’ve got to say it. The whole premise of this book, that they’re throwing a huge wedding together in two and a half weeks so they can move in to Watson’s mansion after that? Why wouldn’t you just move in and THEN organise your wedding???

- And the ‘friends’ who arrive to stay for a week to help Kristy’s mom prepare, and bring with them all their kids? Who would do that? Don’t they realise that bringing a bunch of small children with you completely negates any help you’re offering?

- Outfit! Claudia is wearing ‘a black leotard and skintight red pants under a white shirt that was so big it looked liked a lab coat. Claudia’s a wonderful artist and she had decorated the shirt herself, covering it with designs painted in acrylic.’ What’s with the leotards? Is fashion worth having to get fully undressed just to go to the toilet? I also find it slightly odd that while they don’t specify what kind of designs are painted on the shirt, they make sure we all know they were painted with acrylic.

-‘Stacey enjoys looking good. She enjoys putting together outfits and she enjoys shopping. So does her mother, who has time for such things.’ God Kristy, what’s with the jab at stay at home moms?

- The club will be paid six hundred dollars to look after the fourteen children for a week. I know Watson’s a millionaire, but is that really a wise use of money? I think it would make more sense to hire professionals to make your canapés and arrange your wedding flowers, and have everyone look after their own children.

- Oh Karen. She goes to elementary school holiday program and spreads terror about a Martian invasion happening at 8pm that evening- she really  needs to be locked in a basement at times.

- “I know you think I’m so sophisticated, since I’m from New York and my hair is permed and everything…” Get over yourself Stacey! Although your favourite movie is Mary Poppins, which I also enjoy, so I’ll give you a break this time.

-I can’t believe the parents made them take six boys under ten to get their hair cut…those girls definitely earned their $3 an hour that day.

- David Michael thinks his haircut makes him look like ‘a horned owl’. Lol.

- As an activity, they have the kids do a fake wedding. Naturally shy, retiring Karen Brewer takes the bride role.

- While I can understand the babysitters’ rage, I always thought Emma’s little trick of switching the clothes the kids were supposed to change into for the party was pretty funny.

- the wedding sounds nice. I like weddings, and I thought it was lovely that all the kids got to be included, although I’m surprised ‘jeans and turtleneck uniform’ Kristy is so keen on the idea of a long dress and flowers in her hair.


I’ve got to say, this is one of the best babysitters club books ever. It’s fun, and doesn’t have any of the totally ridiculous subplots or anything, all the characters are good…it’s just dibbly fresh really!



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