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BSC#11- Kristy and the Snobs

BSC#11- Kristy and the Snobs.


Kristy has moved into Watson’s mansion and is the new girl in a neighbourhood full of snobs.


Kristy, looking pretty normal in jeans and a turtleneck (pink, which I do find a little hard to take since tomboys are not generally known for their fondness for pink) with her lovely collie Louie. Two blond girls, Shannon Kilbourne and Amanda Delaney, wearing knee socks and sweater vests (and Kristy is intimidated by this?) with their fancy dog and cat are sneering at her.   


- Kristy starts the book by criticising her new snobby neighbours. I hate to be judgemental (lol, yeah right!) but I really do think her attitude here is kind of the problem. Just because someone has a pool and a room of money a la Scrooge McDuck doesn’t mean they’re necessarily snobs.

- Louie the dog is getting old and arthritic in this book. It’s quite sad actually. And I can’t believe that anyone would be as mean about someone’s dog as Shannon ‘the Snob’ Kilbourne is about Louie.

- Shannon’s dog is named ‘Astrid of Grenville’. What the hell?

- While Kristy’s babysitting, Shannon plays a prank on her by calling to tell her the house is on fire. That seems pretty extreme. What happened to playing Ding, Dong, Ditch?

- The Delaney’s golden fish fountain in the front hall! As a kid I used to think “wow, exotic” about that fish fountain. As an adult all I can think is “drowning hazard!”

- Kristy and Shannon settle their differences and make friends over a pizza. With peace making skills like that maybe they should offer their services to the UN.

- the chapter where Louie is put to sleep is just plain sad. Poor dog.

- Shannon admits that she was jealous of Kristy’s club and gives her a puppy. I don’t know, Kristy moves into the neighbourhood and steals all the babysitting jobs and gets a puppy as a reward?

- Of course, this is BSC world and everything has to end up well- the Thomas/Brewer clan gets Shannon the puppy who never grows up, and although Shannon the human can’t accept her invitation to join the BSC due to her packed schedule, she does become an associate member.


I liked this book as a kid, but it’s not all that gripping rereading it now. The parts about the dog are good, but I dislike the way everyone in Kristy’s fancy new neighbourhood are snobs, unlike the normal people in her regular neighbourhood who are all wonderful. And the lack of outfits is deeply disappointing!





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